The Roman Army

This highly active, boy friendly activity has proved extremely popular in schools and has led to some high quality learning because the children are fully engaged. The children in role as Celtic spies view from afar and then apprehend and interrogate Marcus, a Roman legionary, in order to find out quite how strong the Roman army in Britain really was in AD43.

Learning objectives

  • pupils learn about key features of Roman equipment and training
  • they learn to ask important historical questions and then research lines of enquiry

Step 1

Set the scene. It is AD 43. You have heard that a Roman army has arrived but you don’t know how strong it is. You have to decide whether to offer any resistance or beat a retreat. It all depends on you quickly establishing how strong the soldiers are. You take up a position close to one of the legions of the Roman army where you can’t be seen. You have to quickly establish as much as you can about the equipment they carry. To do this you need to make a quick sketch. But you mustn’t be seen, so you have to work in small teams

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