Roman Britain – KQ2 part 3 – What image do we have of Boudica today?

Key Stage 2 pupils find Boudica fascinating so this is a good context for exploring the tricky ideas of historical interpretations. They start by drawing their own picture of her based on a Roman account before comparing it with modern versions. They then investigate HOW the versions differ before moving on to explain WHY. This lesson prepares pupils for a short unseen assessment task which you will find in the assessment section of the site.

Learning objectives

  • pupils understand that there are differences in the way that historical characters have been portrayed in history books
  • they grasp that events from nearly 2000 years ago are difficult to describe accurately, because of the gaps in the evidence
  • they understand that people’s views affect how they describe events i.e.  Romans would have recorded things in a different way from the Celts
  • higher attaining pupils might go on to consider the origin of the sources being studied, to think about how the writer got the  information

Step 1 -Starter

Pupils have to close their eyes when a description of Boudica is read out using slide 2.  Discuss the sort of person that came into their mind.

Step 2

Pupils then have to look

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