Roman Britain – KQ1 part 1 – From Caesar’s invasions to Claudius’ conquest

This first part of the first enquiry links to earlier work on the Iron Age and takes pupils from Julius Caesar’s two short-lived invasions through to anticipating Claudius’ invasion and conquest just under 100 years later.

Step 1

It is important that you don’t tell pupils directly what the lesson will be about – Don’t mention the Romans!  Instead, simply reveal slide 2 which is a ‘slow reveal’ showing part of a picture of Julius Caesar’s raid on the Kent coast.  Ask pupils to discuss in pairs what they see in the picture.  This will release children’s prior knowledge and will build their confidence gradually.  Follow this with slide 3 which shows a little more i.e. the Roman soldiers are disembarking from a boat on the coast.  Slide 4 completes the picture.

Step 2

Now locate this event in place and time.  Focus on slides 5 & 6 which explain the nature of both Caesar’s short-lived invasions.  Children will be puzzled as to why he didn’t stay.  To help them to understand show slide 7 which is an artist’s representation of what an Iron Age hill top settlement might have looked like.  This will remind them of work done in

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