From Diamond 4 to ‘Roving Mike’ and kids’ wiki.

This simple short task gives groups of pupils, 3 per group, a cut-up set of the 6 diamond-shaped cause cards, provided as RS1. Of the 6 cards, 2 are made-up. The pupils’ first job is to spot the bogus ones. Having moved these to one side, they then have to place the other four reasons in order of priority, putting the most important reason at the top, the next two most important below that, and the least important at the bottom. You will need to stress that you want to hear the pupils thinking as they discuss each card in turn. To encourage this, introduce your friend Mike (as in microphone), by physically having a microphone in your hand. ‘Roving Mike’ is carried with you as the pupils work so that you can suddenly appear at any group’s table and ask them to give their best answer to the question Why did the Romans spend so much time building roads? When you are happy that they have properly discussed the content of each card, pull their ideas together and then ask them to write a definitive explanation for KS2 pupils in

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