Roman Britain – KQ2 part 2 – Boudica’s rebellion: from sequencing to living graph

This KS2 lesson on Roman Britain uses the idea of a living graph to see the ups and downs of Boudica’s life as a way of helping children make sense of the narrative of events. They start by looking at the causes and sequencing the events of the revolt before looking at the impact on Boudica (Boudicca). By taking this personal empathetic approach pupils engage more readily with her human dilemma and are more involved in decision making. I am very grateful to Kathryn Price of  The Crescent Primary School, Eastleigh for allowing me to share her excellent ideas and imaginative approaches.

Learning objectives

  • pupils can re-tell the story of Boudica’s rebellion
  • they can pinpoint turning points in her rebellion
  • they can offer three or four valid reasons why she rebelled against Roman rule.


Slow reveal of photograph of Boudica on the embankment in London. What do you think she did to make her worth a big statue in the centre of London?

Step 1

Tell the story of Boudica’s revolt using slides 3-14 to help you. Background information is provided as a downloadable file

Step 2

Print off slides 3-15 and issue them to the children one page

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