This activity goes beyond simple sequencing of images, which pupils first attempted at the start of the topic, to explaining the nature of the changes that have taken places in aviation since the Wright brothers. They finish by attaching significance to each change. Which do THEY think were the most important?

Step 1

Before the session have all the 9 pictures from the PowerPoint displayed around the room. You will need to number them. Explain that just before the session the door had been left open and all the captions that went with the images had blown off. Can the children help restore the correct caption to the right plane? The captions are provided as RS1.  You can give them these in an envelope and then ask them to work out which caption goes with which image. But they mustn’t let anyone else know, so they write it down in secret.

Step 2

Ask for volunteers to come to the gallery and say which caption they would place on their chosen plane.  Have the PowerPoint slide available so all can see. Do this for all 9 planes. When the whole class is happy that the right captions have been chosen

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