At the very start of the topic, on the assumption that you haven’t told them what the topic is about!! pupils are shown slide 2 in the form of a slow reveal.  4 coloured boxes obscure a picture of the Wright Brothers’ Flyer.  But can pupils guess what the invention might be as they have the four different squares revealed for them on the custom animated slide 2.  It will not look like a plane that most will recognise, of course, so expect some interesting suggestions!
Slide 3 shows the plane when it was first launched to help pupils get a sense of period. Slide 4 then shows a painting of the 1903 flight.  So stress the idea that this was the FIRST flight of its kind- a real landmark. Slides 5, 6, and 7 reinforce this.

Now turn to looking at the impact of their invention. Use slide 8 commemorating different breakthroughs in man’s attempt to fly.  Stress the work of Leonardo Da Vinci 500 years before with his early ‘helicopter’ as well as the hot air balloonists.  Then locate the Wright brothers on the timeline.  All the other inventions after them owed a debt to the brothers.

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