This lesson was taught by Sarah Duck, Leading Teacher for History, Hampshire LA.  She kindly describes for us how the lesson went.  “Work had already begun on the Wright Brothers’ topic and the children were familiar with the sequence of events leading up to, including and following the first successful flight.  I wanted to explore how the event was recorded and shared and look at why it was such a significant event”.

Learning objectives

  • children develop better questioning skills
  • they begin to consider the complex question of reliability of evidence
  •  the more able can prioritise reasons

Step 1

The session started with the children recapping the knowledge they had acquired on the topic and me questioning them on the significance of the facts they suggested.  Why would the brothers have been interested in flying?  Would we have kept trying if our challenge had been as tricky as theirs?  How would we have felt after realising the glider needed more control?  Through questioning I was able to start moving the children from what they had learnt in the last session to higher level thinking and the sort of reasoning and questioning skills that would be required in this next task.


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