This enquiry comprises a series of three smart tasks: the first is a sequencing task based on storytelling; the second a ‘living graph the third an optional ‘reconstruction relay drawing task’ . All contribute to helping pupils gain a firm grasp of the key events in the Wright brothers’ lives before they became really famous and leads, in the next session, to an analysis of why they were so successful.

Learning objectives

  • To develop pupils’ understanding of how to sequence events
  • To help pupils to manipulate information, and to think at a higher level about the significance and implications of events
  • To help more able pupils to think in terms of turning points
  • To develop an understanding of how the same event in the past can be recorded in a number of ways.

Smart task 1 :

Story-telling relay In this task, pupils learn the story of the Wright brothers’ road to fame, in detail. To consolidate their understanding pupils have to memorise the main elements of the story so that they can repeat it to others, in a form of relay. To help them memorise the detail, pupils are given props to help them to visualise key points and

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