Commemorating the Wright brother’s achievements with words young children can understand

Pupils have to create a plaque to commemorate the Wright brothers’ achievements to replace the incomprehensible one on the monument at Kitty Hawk. But they can use only 50 words so they need to be selective and not too descriptive. In this way pupils learn about significance and how to write relevantly and concisely and collaboratively.

Learning objectives

  • To be able to explain the significance of the Wright brothers achievement, both at the time and its subsequent impact
  • To summarise the most significant aspects of their life and their qualities that made them successful.


Slow reveal of the monument at Kitty Hawk using slide 2 of the presentation. What do the children think it is?

Then show the monument’s words in more detail on slide 3. Show your horror at all those difficult words. How can anyone be expected to understand them?  What we need is a simple version to go on the other side of the monument – a plaque written for young children.  In teams pupils have to replace these meaningless words for adults with words that young children can understand.

Step 1

Explain that they

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