This fun first lesson on Scott of the Antarctic using the slow reveal technique of an iconic image to enable pupils to work out the clues as to why the subject might be famous. Stage by stage different parts are exposed, As pupils make connections they start to draw on their prior knowledge and life experience to work out increasingly probable reasons for the person’s fame. This great thinking-skills approach provides a really good start to this KS1 history topic.

Learning objectives

  • children are able to make simple inferences from clues shown in a photograph
  • they can make connections between clues
  • they can speculate as to likely reasons why a person was famous, based on the clues given


We began with a picture depicting Scott and his team standing outside the Norwegian tent during their expedition.  At this moment in time it did not matter which part of Scott’s journey the picture was from, it was just to act as a stimulus to begin the thinking process. Rather than show the whole picture, however,  the session began with a technique known as slow reveal. Using Primaryactiv or a series of textboxes covering a PowerPoint slide, the children were shown

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