Teaching Scott of the Antarctic to Key Stage 1

Those of you who are thinking that this choice of famous person seems to presage a return to an Our Island Story approach to heroes and derring-do, couldn’t be further from the reality in the classroom. The topic goes well beyond discussions of bravery and adventure, to engage children in designing their own board game, creating a living graph and solving a history mystery. Each of the lessons which are featured here takes one of these really novel approaches which the children, and the teachers, have loved! They make a significant contribution to developing pupils thinking skills, geographical awareness and emotional intelligence, as well as their grasp of history.

Remember that all the resources you need for each lesson are to be found in the gallery on the right-hand side.

Resourcing the topic

A useful starting point for yourself is the National Maritime Museum who have a brief question and answer overview of Scott’s significance.

For a more detailed site visit the South Polar Research Institute site at Cambridge, for a tour of their museum.

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