Scott of the Antarctic – KQ4 – How do we know what happened on Scott’s last journey? A KS1 smart task

Pupils have already studied Scott’s last journey and have turned a series of events into first a living graph and then a board game to show the ‘ups and downs’ of his last attempt to be first to the South Pole.  This lesson shifts the focus to the enquiry question, “ How can we possibly know what happened on Scott’s last journey when all the men who went with him died with him?”  Is the story made up or is there real evidence? Pupils are asked to be history detectives with clipboards whose mission it is to find the evidence.

The core activity to answer this question is called gallery.  Print outs of all the slides on the PowerPoint (they are numbered but in random order) are placed around the room as if in an art gallery.  Pupils, working in pairs, are given a series of statements made about Scott’s last expedition.  The pupils’ job is to work out which picture provided the evidence for the statement.  They complete chart, Resource Sheet 1, which asks them to record the number of the image next to the letter of the statement.  More able pupils should be encouraged to find more than

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