Scott of the Antarctic – KQ6 – How should Scott be remembered today?

Exciting finale to the topic sees pupils analysing different ways in which Scott has been commemorated in the past, coming up with their own 21st century ideas and then completing a diamond-4 prioritising activity before acting as historical advisers to a stone mason renovating a statue in Scott’s honour.

This lesson has three elements which address two key questions: why has Scott become such a well-remembered figure today? and what is a fitting way of keeping his memory alive to today’s and future generations?

The three elements are:
a. Teacher-led discussion on reasons why Scott is so strong in public memory leading to a diamond-4 prioritising activity
b. Children thinking creatively of appropriate ways of commemorating Scott today – having seen how he has been commemorated in the past
c. Children providing the text for a stonemason who is restoring a monument to Scott where the wording has been worn away over the last 100 years.  Children are given just 35 words to summarise Scott’s significance.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils are aware of how Scott was viewed in 1912 and can contrast that with his image 100 or so years later;
  • they are able to offer appropriate ideas as to how
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