Scott of the Antarctic – KQ2 – How did Scott get to the South Pole and what happened then?

You can use this task on Scott’s journey to the South Pole in a number of ways: as a simple sequencing task, which really challenges across the ability range or as a diagnostic assessment task, for instance. Whatever you choose, you will need to ensure that pupils have a strong grasp of the narrative from the launch of the Terra Nova to Scott’s death in the Antarctic BEFORE they attempt the activity.

There are 11 pictures in all. Clearly this will be too many for most pupils so a judicious selection will be required. I suggest you use the following for most pupils, with nine for the most able.
Picture 6 (slide 4), Picture 3, Picture 5 Picture 2, Picture 11

I always think it is a good idea to do sequencing in two phases. Lay down simple start and end points first with a smaller number of images and then drip feed in harder images later. Please resist the temptation to give pupils only the ones they can sequence with ease. They need to be challenged to work just outside what they can do so there is clear evidence of progress being made. If they could do it easily

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