Scott of the Antarctic – KQ2b -Scott of the Antarctic: From sequencing to Living graph Key question

This activity enabled children to see how certain events had a positive or a negative effect on Scott’s expedition to the South Pole. The children in Year One also needed an activity that would enable the visual learners, and those that learn best by doing, to sequence the events in the story of Scott’s life and in his journey to the South Pole.


Learning objectives

  • children can sequence a number of events of Scott’s last expedition
  • they can interpret each event as being positive or negative for Scott
  • they can identify high and low points of the expedition
  • they can draw a simple line graph and annotate one or two turning points.

Step 1

The children had listened to the story of Scott and had spent some time exploring pictures and photographs relating to Scott. They had worked together as a team to put between four and six picture/event cards in the correct chronological order.

Step 2

The pupils then had to work in groups of eight, each taking a separate episode which they had to illustrate, as you can see from the image gallery.  To start the activity there was a short brainstorm of ideas. Because all had

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