The concept of an intrepid explorer may not be completely alien to even the youngest children as the media does focus a lot on individual record breaking, whether it be climbing or sailing, running or swimming.  They already know something about conditions at the South Pole.

What matters here is that children can put themselves in the shoes of another person living at another time, in this case Captain Scott. To a certain extent this is, of course, impossible, but if children can begin to think of the motives of others it will help provide them with different insights into human nature.

This simple task invites pupils to share ideas in small groups of three and then to feedback their suggestions based on what they know already. Write their ideas on the Whiteboard.
To ensure that some pupils go beyond their original ideas, whilst other consolidate them, provide the groups of 3 with their own set of diamond 4 cards. (Cut up RS1 diamond shapes and put in an envelope).  Pupils’ first job is to remove any cards they think are irrelevant and don’t properly explain his motivation (2 and 4). With the remaining 4 cards, the pupils’ job is

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