Teaching Louis Braille: Famous Person Key Stage 1

Louis Braille will feature in many schools’ KS1 curriculum whether formally through the history curriculum or as part of one of the supported charities. He may be mentioned in assemblies or he might be part of a broader cross-curricular topic on senses. Either way it clearly offers pupils an insight into the  world  of those who have lost their sight.  Many schools start this topic by showing what blind people can do better than sighted people to counter the traditional notion of disability. Anyone studying this topic will get great support from organisations across the world. This website in particular is very helpful.

What Keystage history offers are a few tried and tested lessons which adopt slightly different approaches. As you can see from the titles, one asks pupils at the end of the topic to watch a BBC video and then evaluate it. The results are fascinating. The other  seeks to consolidate pupils’ understanding of Braille’s achievements but also to encourage their creativity in the way they design a new museum for him.

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