Louis Braille – KQ6 – What should go in our Braille museum? Curator’s dilemma

Set the scene

When Louis died no national papers covered the story. 100 years later in 1952 his body was moved to the building called the Pantheon in Paris where, over the main door are written the words: “To its Greatest Men.” But Louis is known all over the world not just in France. For the last two years there has been a designated world Braille Day. As part of this commemoration primary schools are being asked to design their own school Braille museum. There is a competition to see which schools can choose the best 4 objects to include. They must be chosen for a reason and must have a good caption to go alongside them in the museum. Because some blind visitors cannot read normal printed labels there can be a spoken commentary.

Step 1

Introduce the task with PowerPoint slide 2 a photo of a Braille museum. Explain to the pupils that they have been asked to select which objects should go into a new Braille museum in the UK. Possibly the coin on slide 3? Pupils in pairs dredge their memories of the events in Braille’s life that might have an object associated with them as

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