Louis Braille – KQ2 – What were the most important moments, and who were the most significant people, in Louis Braille’s life?

This session comprises 3 key activities, so it is important to devote sufficient time to it.

Please note that activities 2 and 3 are particularly challenging and were taught to a high-attaining group of pupils. You may want to modify the activities, beyond the suggestions I have made, to make it more accessible for your pupils.

Step 1

Start by telling the story of Louis’ life. Use the 12-slide illustrated PowerPoint RS1 to take the children through the main events of his life, stressing the ones that were key turning points. It’s obviously better if you rely on your own story-telling skills, so the slides are there for illustration and factual prompting. If you are going to use the slides, an effective technique to help pupils remember the story is to use physical props along the way. These are indicated on the slides but include:

– an awl or similar
– bread
– a torch etc.
– a tear-soaked handkerchief
– a cane

so you can start looking for them now! The reason for this is that they can be used to help fix the sequence in pupils minds. Lay the props on a table at the front of

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