This lesson comes at the end of the sequence of lessons which explore Louis Braille’s life and achievements.  Rather than using a video for information and atmosphere, this lesson uses it to help pupils to evaluate what they have seen.  They first consider what they think the video should contain and then check whether these points are present in the film. The final activity is to write a Dear producer letter to the TV company saying what they liked about the programme and how they think it could be improved. Sometimes they even get a grateful reply !!

Starter activity

Explain to the children that the BBC are going to make a new programme about our famous person Louis Braille and they want Key Stage 1 children to help.

Step 1

Tell the story of Louis Braille using the short PowerPoint presentation. If you would like to include more information or adopt a different approach, then you might find the RNIB’s website

Step 2

Ask the children in pairs to sequence the events using the 5 simple cards provided as downloadable resources (as part of the PowerPoint presentation -slides number 4,5,6,7,8).  Ask the children to think of any other events

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