Louis Braille – KQ1 – Why do you think Louis Braille is remembered today: Smart task

Step 1

Start by showing the image of Louis Braille on slide 1 of the PowerPoint. Explain that he is a very famous man who lived 200 years ago and that what he invented is still used today, even though he was only 15 years old when he invented it.  He was able to invent something that grown men hadn’t been able to do.  But what was it?

Step 2

Reveal the 4 images on slide 3 of the PowerPoint in turn – they have been sequenced, with animation to enable you just to click to bring up the next image.  They should get easier and most children will be helped by seeing the guide dog for the blind.

Step 3

Discuss what pupils have been able to deduce from the images and then reveal slide 4 which shows the coin struck in the USA to mark the bicentenary of Louis Braille’s birth. The boy shown on the coin is reading a book written using Braille’s system, even though he is blind.

Step 4

Now introduce the Braille system to the children using slide 5 to help.

Slide 5 shows what a Braille card looks like, colour coded to show

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