Louis Braille – KQ3 – What motivated Louis? Why did he decide to invent a system of writing for the blind? Smart task

In contrast to the multi-faceted KQ2, these two relatively short activities will not take as long. They focus on Louis’ motivation, principally by means of a diamond-4 prioritising activity.

Step 1

Ask pupils why they think Louis tried so hard to invent his own system of reading for the blind, drawing on their knowledge of the story from the previous session. Pupils should be able to talk about the inadequacies of the old system and the character of Louis. His character is fully explored later in Key Question 5, so focus here just on his motivation.

Step 2

The best activity to use to explore motivation is a Diamond-4 prioritising activity shown on slide 3 of the PowerPoint presentation which offers 6 possible reasons that might explain Louis determination to invent a superior system. These need to be cut up in advance of the session and placed in an envelope, 1 per table. Working in groups of 4 or 5, a confident reader in each group reads each diamond-shaped card aloud. Pupils then have to decide which four are possible reasons and which two are not right, plain silly, or simply made up. Now working with just the

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