Using a Victorian census to discover what life was like 100 years ago

There are 4 separate ways of approaching this topic, each becoming increasingly more ambitious. Stage 1 is featured below. Stages 2-4 are to follow, though draft material is available to view on request.

Stage 1:
Featured here, for younger children needing some structured support and working with census details for just one family.

Stage 2:
Working with a few households, from another census, comparing ‘then and now’ from a fashionable London street where houses are now cost £7million. But who lived there 100 year ago and were these Victorians as rich?? Pupils investigate with a little guidance. This lesson is based on an interactive facility on the National Archives’ site.

Stage 3:
Children search a pre-prepared database (Rushey Green 1891 available as an Excel file and Gorton as a school project write up) to look for patterns and to test hypotheses e.g. the most popular job, the age children started and finished school, life expectancy. In Rushey Green, London, less than 3% lived to over 70.

Stage 4:
Pupils use a census from their own locality to create and interrogate their own database. I give advice on how to structure this

Stage 1: Can we use a census to solve

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