Keystage 2 Smart Tasks

Smart tasks are short activities that exemplify the sort of learning we expect to find in outstanding lessons. They will not have a full set of objectives or a timed, structured plan but will describe in detail how the activity works and will include all the ready-made resources you need. Often they will have ideas for differentiation that you can use with other tasks. Many will be effective starters or mini-plenaries. Above all they should fulfil the main aim of the website: a valuable resource or idea that stimulates an even better one when you take it and adapt it for your pupils.

Ancient Greece: Short task on using Greek pots

What can I do with just one Greek pot in the resource cupboard? Collaborative and creative storyboarding At the core of this activity is the development of pupils' creative imagination and their sense of the past as evidence for just one object.  To make it work...
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Why did the Saxons invade? Push or pull? KQ1a

A fun thinking skills activity in which pupils infer from visual clues before moving on to analyse a range of influence cards and evaluate a video before coming up with their own explanation for the Anglo-Saxons invasion.

This activity is part of a series...

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Assessment of interpretations of Boudicca

Below is an account of an assessment task on Boudicca , with downloadable resources,  just one of many assessed tasks on the site.  You will find at least one for each history-led topic covering the full range of skills and concepts.  They tell you...

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