Mary Seacole – KQ6 Smart Task – A statue to Mary Seacole – build or not build?

What advice would we give to the planners of the new monument to Mary Seacole on the site of St Thomas’ Hospital?

This series of smart tasks places pupils in the Mantle of the Expert. There is to be a new monument to Mary Seacole erected outside St Thomas Hospital. But there have been complaints. Surely it was Florence who was associated with St Thomas’, not Mary. Doesn’t Florence deserve a statue more? So, should the plans for building the monument be scrapped? The pupils are drafted in as historical advisers to help the planners decide. Having come up with their own ideas, they have to sort a set of differentiated statement cards onto a template – reasons for and against a monument for Mary and arguments for and against a monument there for Florence instead. Not all pupils need all cards. The harder ideas are marked with an asterisk and should be held back from some pupils until they have the confidence to tackle them. This activity serves as a ‘thinking frame’ prior to a lively debate. (The cards for the activity are provided as RS1 and the template is on the PowerPoint. We suggest you enlarge this

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