Keystage 1 Smart Tasks

‘Smart tasks’ are fully-resourced learning activities that exemplify many of the features we would expect to see in outstnding history lessons. Often they are parts of lessons that fired pupils’ imagination, enthralled them, or simply acted as an effective diagnostic task. Many will be in the form of stimulating starters. All will serve the primary function of stimulating an even better idea when you incorporate and adapt them into a lesson of your own design.

What did people do at the seaside 100 years ago? KQ2

From mime to movie. SMART TASK

This fun activity is carried out by children working on tables of six.  Half the class work on one image, the other half  on another interesting image.  Each table is given an A4 colour picture either A or B.  For...
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Bonfire Night when Granny was a girl: Smart Task

These activities have been designed for the new 2014 history curriculum, covering the past within living memory and commemorative events. The three PowerPoint presentations, including copyrighted images of the 1950s and early 60s from Mary Evans picture library give children a flavour of a familiar event...
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Help Tom to fight the Great Fire. Smart Task

This ICT based activity draws heavily on the superb new website created as a joint enterprise by the National Archives, National Portrait Gallery, Museum of London and London Fire Brigade Museum. It appears on the Learning Curve section of the National Archives site. The interactive...
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Smart Task: Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 assessment in history

It is really hard to find quality examples of assessment tasks at Key Stage 1 that actually work in the classroom with children of all abilities, especially the youngest children.  New to the site is one such task...

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The Gunpowder Plot: Prove it using a gallery of images

The downloadable PowerPoint provides all the images needed to set up a gallery for a lesson that places pupils in the role of detectives that have to find evidence to back up statements that have been made about the Gunpowder plot. This is just one part...
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Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole SMART TASK

Who said it? / Who am I?

This simple task encourages children to spot the differences between Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

With a large A4 image of Florence on one side, and Mary Seacole on the other, you sit with a pack of cards which...
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