You are learning about Grace Darling because at a young age she carried out a brave rescue and saved 9 men from a shipwreck. She was the daughter of a lighthouse keeper and was living in a lighthouse when she heard screams and cries from ship in trouble in a terrible storm. By rowing out that night with just her father in a simple wooden boat she put her own life in danger. She must have been really scared but she was still able to get the men safely back to the lighthouse where she lived. Soon people heard of her bravery and called her a heroine. People even wanted a lock of her hair. Even Queen Victoria wrote to her and offered her a reward. She was the first woman to be given a medal for amazing bravery at sea. Grace was never happy with all the fame she received and sadly died a few years after the rescue. As a result of her efforts people began to think of better ways to help those in danger at sea. It is thanks to people like Grace that we have so many brave people serving in the RNLI. She set the standard.

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