Moon Landing – KQ5 – Would you take the Golden Ticket and travel to the moon?

This lesson follows on from lessons introducing the reasons why men first went to the moon, what they did when they were there, and the evidence we have for their going.  It encourages children to think creatively, using de Bono’s Yellow Hat and Black Hat approach.  This lesson was imaginatively conceived, carefully planned, and brilliantly taught by Sarah Duck when at Oakley Infant School, Basingstoke.

Learning objectives

  • children are able to see issues from two sides
  • they can think creatively about the pros and cons of space travel
  • they can justify their decision about whether they would go, or not, with appropriate arguments

Step 1

The children were introduced to the idea of the Golden tickets.  The teacher had some.  They are very special. They will allow a very limited number of people to go to the moon.  But would everyone want to go? At first there was general excitement, but some then started to worry about the unknown.

Step 2

Building on this division of opinion the class was divided into groups who had to think of all the good reasons for going to the moon and all the bad ones.  A little modelling of ideas took place at

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