The main activity in this session is called Prove it! A number of pieces of evidence from Mary’s time are placed around the room, as if it were an art gallery. Pupils are given 10 statements about Mary’s life, provided as RS1 but are they true? Can we believe them? Are they backed up with evidence? Let’s put our history detective hats on and see if we can find the evidence. Let’s play Prove it!

Step 1

Children will first need to consider what sort of evidence might be available. They should should draw on their knowledge of other famous people from history they have studied. Stress that she lived nearly 200 years ago before TV, computers, phones etc. So if there is no-one alive today who would have known her, how can we find out about her life? Log the pupils’ ideas on the IWB, to return to later.

Step 2

Working in pairs with a copy of RS1 sheet, a clipboard a pencil and a detective hat (supplied!) the children set about seeing if they can find sources which back up each of the 10 statements. More able pupils should not only attempt all 10 statements but they

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