Columbus – KQ3 – What was Christopher Columbus’s motivation?

Driving at the heart of Columbus ‘ motivation, allows pupils to build on what they have already deduced about his character as well as the political realities of trying to please the monarchs who sponsored him. Pupils complete a prioritization activity using the Diamond4 technique which forces them to think about which factors were more significant than others. Before doing this, and to remind them that things could have turned out differently, pupils carry out a conscience alley activity.

Step 1

Set the scene. Divide the class into 3 groups .In each group there is a Christopher Columbus( who wears the special hat!) ,and then two opposing teams of advisers. One team urges him to go on his voyage to the Indies ,the other to stay. The arguments they should use are presented for you on RS1, but feel free to add your own.

Step 2

So divide each group into 2s team; for and against him going. Cut up the strips from RS2 giving the RED arguments why he shouldn’t go and to the other group the green arguments why he should go. Make sure all pupils can read and understand what their argument means. Give them a minute

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