Mary Seacole – KQ1 – How can we work out why Mary Seacole is famous?

This session focuses on working out WHY Mary Seacole is commemorated today 200 years after she was born, and looks at the different ways in which she is remembered. The debate about whether she, or Florence Nightingale , better deserves a statue outside St.Thomas’ hospital is returned to in KQ6

Step 1

Start with a quick tour of the ways in which people have remembered Mary today. Slide 2 shows her 2016 statue, slide 3 looks at her candidature for appearing on a recent £50 note, slide 4 shows her included in the Pantheon of modern iconic Britons, whereas slide 5 shows press coverage of a poll claiming that she is the greatest Black Briton. So, what did she do?

Step 2

As few of the images so far offer any clue at all as to her claim to fame, focus mainly on slide 6. Here there are 4 identified clues, which are sufficiently open-ended not to close discussion down. By concentrating on these four, pupils will not waste too much time looking at aspects of no significance. Ask pupils in pairs to discuss what job they think she did and why she might be famous. If you’re looking at

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