Who influenced her decision to go?

Already introduced to the major events in Florence’s life, children now speculate on why she took the brave decision to go to the Crimea. Thinking creatively, they discuss who might have influenced her decision positively and negatively, using a short video and teacher-in-role as Florence to help them, and then have to decide who had the greatest influence.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils recall detail of her life from an earlier lesson and use that to work out her motivation
  • They can work out the main aspects of her character based on her actions
  • They can give two valid reasons why she went to the Crimea
  • They can explain one of two people’s influence on her decision.

Step 1

Recap on the main events in her early life before she went to the Crimea. Stress the fact that her parents were wealthy and Florence had a privileged upbringing. Slide 2 shows her house at Embley in Hampshire which gives a clear indication of her wealth. Slide 3 by contrast shows the life she would be leading in hospitals in the Crimea. Slide 4 from a recently discovered letter gives an impression of what life was like

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