The Great Fire – KQ4 – Could more have been done to slow the spread of the fire?

This session comprises three distinct phases. The first is mime-based, looking at the firefighting methods used and discussing their disadvantages. The second looks at what action was taken to stop the fire spreading and the third at the issue of at culpability for not doing more. Who should take the blame?

Step 1

Pupils are shown a range of fire fighting methods from contemporary sources using PowerPoint slides 2-7. They are then shown a brief 3 minute video clip from the Museum of London which shows most them in use. View clip (external) >>

Step 2

Activity 1
In groups of 5, each pupil has to take responsibility for miming how one the fire-fighting methods was operated and thereby identify their limitations. When each has demonstrated to the group how own their method worked, they have a go at another one. The fire-fighting methods covered are:

a. fire hooks (which were very long and heavy requiring 3 or 4 people to use them) slide 2
b. leather buckets slide 3
c. fire squirts slide 4
d. fire engines- barrel on wheels with pump and hose slide 5
e. gunpowder kegs to blow up buildings to create a fire break slide

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