Columbus – KQ2 – How did Columbus become famous?

Pupils listen to an illustrated description of main episodes Columbus life which they then sequence from the jumbled images provided before creating a whole-class talking timeline of Columbus’ life using time connectives to make it flow well.



Learning objectives

  • Pupils can sequence at least 5 significant events in his life
  • Pupils can select appropriate connectives to link events in time e.g.After, next, then, later, soon.

Step 1

Tell the story of Columbus life using the 15 illustrated slides on the PowerPoint to help provide a structure.

Step 2

To secure pupils’ understanding of the narrative, you might like to use the short animated film in which modern day children as presenters interview Columbus. Although this was designed foe KS2 pupils, because it follows your detailed story telling, most pupils should benefit from it

Step 3

To consolidate pupils’ understanding ask them to work in small groups of four to try to establish the sequence of the key events of Columbus’ life. It makes sense to print out small 6 per page images from the PowerPoint cut them up and put them in envelopes. As there are 15 images in all, you may consider this too many

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