The ‘significant people’ element of the KS1 history curriculum now requires pupils to compare achievements of individuals within a linked theme – in this case communication in a topic called ‘spreading the word’. We have chosen Caxton and Bell, rather than Berners-Lee who, although mentioned in the NC advice, does not lend himself to this sort of enquiry-based study. There is also the option of adding Braille, too. We have a separate topic on him which can be blended in.

We have chosen Caxton and Bell as their impact is easy for pupils to understand and their lives are full of vivid episodes that young children can role play enjoyably. By comparing two individuals from different periods (roughly 500 years ago and 150 years ago) with today this helps develop pupils’ understanding of change over time a key concept for Y2 pupils. Indeed, the final question looks at changes in telephones over the last 100 years bringing it right up-to-date for young pupils.

Instead of each significant person having the usual 6 key questions, these have been reduced to just three each, to make it more manageable as a single topic. The idea is that the topic addresses similar questions, concepts and approaches for the two men, so that pupils can genuinely make comparisons both across time and with the present, which is where Tim Berners Lee and the internet is briefly covered. NB This is a planner only. The lessons can sometimes take a different course so look to the lessons for the resources.

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