You have told us that you need more help on assessment at KS1. So we have now gone beyond principles, suggestions, actual tasks and mark schemes to assessing actual pieces of work. You may already have seen the Y1 work on Going to the Seaside ( to coincide with this term’s work). We are now about the launch the Y2 term 1 work on the Great Fire and Year 2 term 2/3 work on Florence Nightingale. For each task( already available with mark scheme on the site) we will be adding examples of pupils’ work from at least 4 different standards ( notice how I avoided levels!) along with a detailed commentary which aligns each response with national expectations-along with the usual caveats about using just one piece of work.

Schools who have already them say just how helpful they are, not least because there just isn’t anything around, and certainly nothing better.

So, if you are a subscriber and wish to preview them prior to launch, just email us.