Florence Nightingale – KQ1 – Why do we think Florence Nightingale is remembered?

Pupils make deductions from a range of visual clues to see if they can work out what job Florence Nightingale did, before being told the story of her life through an illustrated PowerPoint presentation. Selected slides are then used to consolidate pupils’ ability to sequence the key events in her life.


Learning objectives

  • Children are able to make deductions from visual clues
  • They grasp that she is principally remembered as a nurse, a long time ago and was connected with a major war.
  • Children can sequence at least 6 events and can grasp that Florence had a long life helping soldiers and then developing nursing after the war

Learning sequence

Step 1

Children look at a commemorative images (slide 2) which comprises three images. The one to the left is a statue of Florence holding her famous lamp, but pupils will not know what she has in her hand. This is deliberate as the clues become clearer. Some pupils might spot soldiers in the sculpture at the bottom of the statue. The second panel shows Florence holding a lantern, but it is far from clear why she is carrying it and how that might explain why she is significant.

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