Pupils have been drafted in to help with the wording on a statue to Florence Nightingale which had badly worn away over time and is now in danger of being indecipherable. But there is room for only 30 words on the new plaque. Which words shall we use to sum up Florence’s achievements? Her name and the dates of when she was born and died are on already there. So, let’s start thinking about what else should be included?

Learning objectives

  • Pupils are able to summarise Florence’s greatest achievements
  • They can distinguish between significant and non-significant things she did
  • They can evaluate examples of plaque saying why they are good and how they might be improved
  • They can word-process their own ideas providing a digital copy of just the right number of words

Step 1-generating ideas

Pupils have to generate a list of possible ideas in note form in just a few minutes. Don’t let this drag on. It’s meant to be snappy. Record their early thoughts which you’ll return to later.

Step 2

Stimulate more ideas by quickly showing a series of slides 3-13 to see if they trigger any other suggestions. Just float them: don’t give your own

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