This short task was designed to combat the tendency many students have to simply describe rather than evaluate the policy.  To help them make judgments they are given up to 16 pieces of evidence to consider (resource sheet 1).  They discuss each card and then place them on a Spectrum (resource sheet 2).  The spectrum is a continuum from ‘Unsuccessful’ through to ‘Highly successful’.  Clearly you will need to discuss what is meant by success before they can tackle the task effectively.  Does it simply mean in terms of the Nazi aims?

By forcing students, in pairs, to evaluate each piece of evidence and then defend their overall judgement the task makes sure that students properly focus on the demands of the question.  As you feedback with the group they can make adjustments to their initial placings, showing their ability to rethink some of the issues.  As part of this discussion you might want to introduce the idea of change through time.  What might have been successful in the initial years was put under great strain by the war effort etc.  When they are happy with their final positioning of the cards they can now begin to compose an exam

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