Bringing GCSE Crime and Punishment right up-to-date

Latest statistics prove invaluable when making comparisons across time.

Today, fewer than 5% of street robberies and burglaries are being solved across England and Wales.

Unsolved crimes have risen by 20% in the last 3 years

There has been an 83% rise in unsolved violent crimes in London.

Only 4% of robberies were solved i England Wales last year compared with 9% in 2013

Burglary detection rate had similarly fallen from 6 to 3 percent.

Only about 25% of weapons-possession offences were solved last year compared with nearly 50% in 2013.


In terms of new techniques the police are using nowadays a spokesman from the Met said ” We have increased our use of 21st century technology including body-worn cameras, predictive crime mapping and MetTrace kits to mark property”.

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