A fun thinking skills activity in which pupils infer from visual clues before moving on to analyse a range of influence cards and evaluate a video before coming up with their own explanation.

Step 1

As the pupils enter the room they are told that on each table is a clue as to why the Saxons invaded. Their job is to find as many possible reasons as they can, just from the clues. First they need a brief introduction, using slide 2 to locate the Saxons in time and place. Where did they come from and when?  Keep this brief, just enough to make sense of the activity.  You will return to it later.

So, we need 6 tables each with a clue.  I think the clues should be a mixture of objects and pictures, with very little writing.  I have numbered the clues 1-6, with 6 being the hardest.  Ask the more able children to start at table/clue 6 and work towards 1 with the lower attainers starting at 1 and getting to perhaps 5 and 6 in the time.  You can provide the images and objects for 1-4: 5 and 6 are better as written sources.

Clue 1: More

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