This KS2 outstanding history lesson on the Stone Age revolves around the reveal of an object found at Star Carr in Yorkshire which dates from the Middle Stone Age. It is generally regarded as the most important and informative Mesolithic site in Great Britain. It is as important to the Mesolithic period as Stonehenge is to the Neolithic period. Pupils are shown a typical artist’s reconstruction and then a series of images which cause them to question the stereotypical version.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils grasp that the term Stone Age covers an enormous period of time and that the period covered in the lesson is from about 9,000 years ago
  • they can explain what the view of Stone Age man used to be: spending all day simply hunting and gathering;
  • they can demonstrate understanding of four key pieces of evidence to show Stone Age man was not primitive: making and using tools, fashioned from flint and wood; proper burials; hunting ceremonies; organised way of life;
  • they can make simple deductions about life style based on evidence;
  • the most able can grasp that the Stone Age was a massive period of time and that most finds come from the very late Stone
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