Stone Age to Iron Age – KQ4b – How should we remember the Bronze Age?

Pupils study finds from three separate Bronze sites, including them most recent excavations, to enable them to discover the main features of bronze age life before using this knowledge to evaluate a short video.


Learning objectives

  • Pupils make deductions from visual clues
  • Pupils identify the most significant aspects of Bronze Age culture
  • Pupils apply their knowledge of the significant features of the Bronze Age in order to critically evaluate a film

Step 1

Involve the pupils immediately by asking them to work in small groups to look at slide 2 which is a montage of 4 different changes characteristic of the Bronze Age. Can pupils work out what the 4 might be, in just a few minutes, so that they start forming an early impression of the Bronze Age for themselves before you tell them anything about it.

Step 2

Go through the 4 changes using slides 4-7 to emphasise the key points. Then use slides 8 and 9 to set the changes in context. Then explain that they are going to investigate how we know about these changes when they happened so long ago. Slide 10 shows a map of where these were.

Step 3

Now introduce the

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