Reveal slide 2 which is of the standing stones at Stonehenge. Can pupils recognise it as clues are revealed?

Step 1

Discuss the fact that it is Stonehenge and explain where it fits in time, showing slide 3 or using the BBC interactive timeline
Now use a short video clip from BB which gives you a brilliant time-lapse reconstruction of how the building we know as Stonehenge today was built up over time and has since fallen into decay. It is crucial that pupils realise what it looked like in its hey-day. Lasting just over a minute the sequence is stunning. You may prefer to use your own commentary over the mute film if you think some of your pupils might struggle with the language pitched at a Timewatch audience. Use slides 5 and 6 to show where stones stand and how far it is from Wales where the stones came from.

Step 2

Explain that the stones came from Wales and ask pupils to think how they got them there. This provides scope for some imaginative thinking.

Step 3

Go over the key points about how the stones got there. Explain that we now know when and how.

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