Set the scene. A group of the most important members of the Iron Age settlement have gathered to consider their future. They have heard of a lot of new technologies that other local tribes have started to adopt and don’t want to be left behind. They only have the time and resources to take on three of the inventions they have heard about, but which ones will they choose and why? Pupils discuss, research, advocate and decide.

Step 1

Having set the scene using the scenario above, explain that the group had already considered using coins, as shown on slide 2. But they were rejected as most considered it was too early to invest in them. Most tribes were still trading using the bartering method, simply exchanging goods. Where they had heard that coins were being used, it was mainly for purposes of showing status rather than as a means of buying and selling. They also looked at an ard with a special metal tip. They liked that for all the reasons shown on slide 3. But it didn’t turn the soil over like a plough. so they had to cut the soil again in the opposite direction in a

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