New KS2 assessment task: Stone Age to Iron Age

As you know we have been working hard to create a complete set of simple, easy-to-run and easy-to-mark assessment tasks that can be used formatively as well as summatively. Our aim is to ensure that each topic has at least 2 of these tasks, covering different key concepts. Each will have its own mark scheme (which can be shared with the pupils) and examples of pupils’ work-to add to your portfolio.

We have 7 already on the site in the assessment section. Today we are announcing the completion of the 8th, a sequencing tasks using images from Stone Age to Iron Age. Pupils have to place them in chronological order, name the period each is from and then explain how they know which period each belongs to. As you can see, this allows pupils from all abilities to access the very visual and motivating task.

A copy of the task and markscheme is now available on request.

This is part of a growing library of task you can use to help you get some fix on standards in your school/keystage/year group/class. There is no spurious arithmetical precision here nor will you find reference to the pernicious levels. What you will dee is an OFSTED inspector with years of experience sampling standards in history across the country passing informed judgment n the quality of the work in relation to national expectations. You won’t find this anywhere else!

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