Learning objectives

  • Children can see how Rosa’s action led to other changes, both directly e.g. bus boycott or more indirectly e.g.in contributing to wider civil rights campaign
  • They can distinguish between her achievements at the time and how they led to changes later.

Activity 1

Muddled museum curator

A new museum is just being set up to commemorate Rosa Parks’ achievements. The display is divided into 3 sections:

  • What changed in the weeks after her refusal to give up her seat?
  • What happened in the year following?
  • What happened in next 70 years?

Unfortunately the labels have got mixed up when the exhibition was being moved. Can the children match the labels and the accompanying pictures to the correct time period?

The images are included on the PowerPoint as follows:

Slide 2 ( picture 1) shows a newspaper informing passing of the law to make segregation on buses illegal in Alabama. (Caption D)

Slide 2 picture 2 – shows black people going to work or shops etc on bikes and waiting for cars, also shown on slide 3 pic 4 (Caption A)

Slide 3 picture 3 – shows Rosa supporting campaign to get black people to boycott the buses (Caption

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