Varied introduction to the Moon Landing topic with pupils actively involved in sequencing, speculating and then the killer activity called Prove it in which they have to use a gallery of visual clues to find evidence to prove that man really did go to the moon.

Step 1

If you haven’t already told the pupils what their new topic is to be, try introducing it using slide 1 which is animated to act as a slow reveal (slide 1).  As each of the four covering coloured squares disappears on clicking, so more of the image of man on the moon is revealed. Discuss how they knew this was man’s first moon landing.

Explain that this was in 1969, nearly 50 years ago, and was the first time man had ever set foot on the moon.  We are going to find out how the astronauts got there and back and what they did while they were on the surface of the moon. We are also going to ask how we know that this really happened.  But first we are going to look at the story of how man first started to fly.

Step 2

Give pupils, working in groups

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