Grace Darling

Teaching Grace Darling to Y1 in KS1 history

In this series of KS1 outstanding history lesson you will find excellent coverage of all the important historical skills and knowledge that children need to develop. These lessons are given coherence as a teaching sequence by an excellent  and detailed medium-term plan which can be found in the planning section. All the lessons relate to the Grace Darling plan and are identified by their key question.

This topic of Grace Darling and her rescue has worked brilliantly over the past 20 years. Not only does it offer a clear, immediate and simple story-line, it also allows pupils to enter another pre-electric, per-motorised pre-digital world, so useful work can be done on similarity and difference as well as motivation. Unusually for a Y1 topic teaching Grace Darling offers great scope for work on interpretations as one of the outstanding lessons so tellingly shows.

How should we remember Grace Darling?

This last key question of 6 on the medium-term planning, focuses on her legacy and why we should commemorate her. It introduces pupils to a number of ways in which people are remembered before inviting them to use their creative imaginations to come up...

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Grace Darling: setting up the enquiry

This is the first lesson on an enquiry into Grace Darling: what she did, and why she was famous. The kernel of the lesson is a slow reveal activity which works really well on an Interactive White Board.  The key image comes from the...

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Teaching Grace Darling to Key Stage 1

Long before Grace Darling appeared in one of the additional QCA schemes of work, Grace Darling was being taught as a famous person. She was particularly popular with teachers of Year 1 in term 2. Not only was the story of her life focused on...
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